Parents Create Cookie Dunking Device

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Parents Create Cookie Dunking Device


The Hartford Courant - 1/12/15 

Think hamburgers and ketchup, mac-n-cheese, hummus and carrot sticks. Some foods are meant to be together, which is the concept behind a Connecticut couple's invention that forever ties cookies with milk.

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"The Dunking Buddy is a hands-free cookie dunking device," explains Jason Wells of Naugatuck, who came up with this idea about a year ago, along with girlfriend Kiana Machnicz, while sitting in front of the TV. But, behind this plastic cup with a magnetized tray, that slides up and down as delicious treats are consumed, is the couple's compelling story of overcoming addiction while pouring heart and soul into a basic concept that they hope changes their lives...
Dunking Buddy Prototype
(Dunking Buddy LLC - First Prototype)
The Dunking Buddy also makes for a great Gift, Part favor, Stocking Stuffer, or anything else you can think of!
It's a NEW & Innovative "Kids" Toy, That is fun for ALL ages!

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