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The Story of Dunking Buddy

When dunking your cookies in milk, there’s usually only a five second window between a crunchy cookie & a lost cookie. As any dunker, can tell you, it’s entirely too easy to get distracted just long enough to see one’s cookie sink into the milky abyss. We created the Dunking Buddy to help you from going kooky after losing your cookie!

Perfect Dunk Window


It was the hungry imaginations of a young couple in Naugatuck which brought the Dunking Buddy to life. After having just had their first child together, they quickly learned that enjoying their favorite snack (cookies & milk) was proving quite difficult! While conceptualizing the Dunking Buddy, they also wanted to ensure that this would provide a solution to dunkers of all ages. How could one enjoy their cookie without the risk of losing the treat and getting your hands dirty/make a mess at the same time?


 "As with many genius creations, the Dunking Buddy is so simple, one wonders why someone didn't think of it sooner." - Good Morning America


 After several prototype concepts (and many cookies,) magnets were the decided winning solution! The initial molds were created right in CT and the Dunking Buddy brand was born! We are family owned and operated, proudly made in the U.S.A and strive to provide the best innovations to the classic combo, milk and cookies!  

We truly hope you'll enjoy s magnetically magic experience with Cookies & Milk and your Dunking Buddy! Keeping snack-time fun and entertaining is a great way to share some special moments with friends and family. And remember, cookies aren’t the only thing you can dunk either! Try it out on different baked treats like donuts, brownies, scones and croissants! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to a fun family snack-tivity!


-The Dunking Buddy Team