Questions & Answers

Q. Is Dunking Buddy Dishwasher Safe?


A. Yes, Dunking Buddy is TOP-RACK dishwasher safe. 


Q. Is Dunking Buddy BPA-Free?


A. Yes, Dunking Buddy products are certified BPA-Free


Q. What are the recommended ages for a Dunking Buddy?


A. Recommended ages 4+ (unsupervised) 


Q. Will Dunking Buddy change my life?

A. We're not saying it will...but we aren't saying it wont either. Cookies and milk might never been the same.


Q. Will Dunking Buddy work on other cups/glasses?


A. Yes, Dunking Buddy was designed to work on most conventional house-hold cups/glasses. Thicker cups and ceramics (coffee mugs) will not always work optimally due to the strength of the magnetic force against the weight of a dunked treat. 


Q. Can Dunking Buddy work with hot liquids as well?


A. Yes & No. Please do not use Dunking Buddy color-changing cups with hot liquids. The Dunking Buddy tray & handle can be used, with separate cups/glasses, in hot liquids.


Q. Is Dunking Buddy Child Safe?


A. Yes, all Dunking Buddy products have full CSPIA & CPSA Children's Products Certifications 


Q. Will Dunking Buddy ship outside of the United States?


A. Yes, upon special request only. Additional shipping charges will be counted towards the final delivered price of the product(s). In the event shipping is not possible to your location we'll promptly inform you within 1-2 business days. Please contact +1 (203) 527-4571 or info@dunkingbuddy.com for international shipping inquiries.  


Q. Is Dunking Buddy only for kids?


A. NO WAY! Dunking Buddy was designed to be enjoyed by dunkers of all ages!